What does it take to be a Pet MatRx Ambassador?

1. Must LOVE dogs

2. Must have a genuine experience with our products

*if approved we send you product on us :) 

That's it! At Pet MatRx we don't "pay to play" with influencers/affiliates. This is so that your audience will know you are sincere about the quality and results our products provide.

That doesn't mean you don't make money!

We not only pay commissions on your orders, we payout on re-orders!

Whenever a customer uses your coupon code or embedded social link, that customer is tied to you. Meaning whenever a re-order is made, whether or not they still have your code, they are tied to you and you receive commissions!

We are looking for TRUE Ambassadors to carry out the Pet MatRx mission of expanding the life and longevity of pets through highly bioavailable and deliverable nutrition, for greater and prolonged companionship.

Is this YOU? 

Join the Pack