Science is One of Our Key Ingredients

We think that’s only natural.

At Pet MatRx, we’re applying human pharmaceutical technology to pet supplements because we believe to be good enough for dogs, it should be good enough for us. After all, we’re both mammals.


The Hidden Problem with Pet Supplements: Waste

Some of the most beneficial ingredients used in pet supplements are difficult for dogs to digest. These ingredients have limited bioavailability, which means only a small portion can be absorbed into the dog’s body to provide support.

For some ingredients, known as lipids, your dog may be getting as little as 5% of their available nutrition. What happens to the other 95% not being absorbed? Your dog’s liver must process and break down the excess into waste. Overtaxing your dog’s organs can lead to a host of new problems.

Delivering Nutrition Straight to the Cells

Our proprietary Cell Matrix Delivery™ method bypasses the dog’s digestive process, allowing lipids to be delivered directly to the cells that need support. Healthy ingredients like Omega-3s and Curcumin become maximally bioavailable so your dog’s body can use as much of the ingredient as it needs.


For Dog Moms and Dads Who Geek Out Over Science
(Like We Do)

Want to know how it works? Lipids are naturally nonpolar charged. We make them polar charged so they can be bound to a water molecule (which is also polar charged). That way, they go straight into the bloodstream when ingested, skipping the liver and intestines. By bypassing the “first pass effect” or presystemic metabolism/elimination, we safely and effectively deliver the supplement directly to the cells. After all, a dog’s body is made up of 70%+ water, and their blood plasma is 95% water.

How Does this Affect Peptides?

Peptides are most effective when administered through injection because they are fragile. If taken orally through the “first pass effect,” they would be metabolized before reaching the desired area to affect. Using CMD technology, the water molecule protects the peptides by going directly into the bloodstream, therefore they are delivered to the desired area for maximum efficacy.

Never Compromising
Natural Nutrition

Every ingredient we use is either found in nature or is naturally produced by your dog. There’s not a single inactive ingredient included. By applying science and including bioactive peptides in our human-grade, all-natural recipes, we’re able to target dogs’ specific needs, plus provide the benefit nature intended.