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Dog Calming Spray - Fast Acting
Help your dog relax with our fast-acting Dog Calming Spray, an all-natural calming spray for dogs that promotes relaxation and calmness in any situation.
*Curcumin can stain fabrics & porous surfaces.
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Fast Acting Canine Oral Spray | 15ml Glass Amber Spray Bottle

Nervous System Support for over reactive dogs. Also supports seperation anxiety and motion sickness

Calm dog oral spray is the only effective fast acting calming formula. It Was formulated by a biochemist to support dogs that are experiencing anxiety, PTSD, trauma behaviors, environmental triggers, discomfort and motion sickness. Basically if your dogs just needs to "Chill Out". It can also be given as a preventive measure before you want to go to an event or for travel.

This oil-free, CBD-free supplement delivers natural active ingredients through our revolutionary Cell Matrix Delivery™ method to promote relief from discomfort so dogs can move with greater ease, regardless of their age or health status. There are zero fillers or empty calories. Every ingredient is targeted to support healthy movement.

Nutritional Benefits:

  • Regulated nervous system equals reduction in oxidative stress
  • Promotes positive behavior and training habits
  • Your dog will be less reactive and aggressive
  • Calm dogs tend to have increased cellular protection leading to longer life

The Difference Is in the Delivery

Some of the most beneficial ingredients used in pet supplements are difficult for dogs to digest. Pet Matrx food toppers use advanced science to bypass the dog’s digestive process, so healthy ingredients can be delivered directly to your dog’s cells that need support to move with ease and more freely.

Certified Organic Phytocompounds


Vitamin B1, NAC, GABA, Curcumin

Vitamin B1 | Thiamine

This vitamin complex is known for it's ability to regulate stress management by supporting the brain with mental attitude, memory retention, motion sickness and increased learning ability. As well as supporting the nervous system for a less reactionary dog.

NAC | N-Acetyl cysteine

Amino acid produced by the body that plays a key role in supporting the brain and nervous system by replenishing and making antioxidants like Glutathione. With NAC’s ability to make and replenish this antioxidant, it helps prevent cellular damage, decrease inflammation, and decrease oxidative stress.

GABA | Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid

The "calming neurotransmitter" helps to slow down brain wave activity while blocking signals to the brain that trigger high stress reactions. Helps with mood and behavior regulation management.


Active compound found in turmeric that is known to help decrease oxidative stress, decrease inflammation, support the metabolism, improve digestion, fight against damaged or unhealthy cell growth, and boost brain power.

Active Ingredients: per bottle
Vitamin B1 CMD™ 25 mg
NAC CMD™ 25mg
GABA CMD™ 25mg
Curcumin CMD™ 25mg
Inactive Ingredients None

*CMD™ (Cell Matrix Delivery) indicates our proprietary delivery method was applied to achieve maximum ingredient absorption.

Feeding Instructions

Give orally, on food once daily or as directed by your veterinarian. Can also be added to your dog’s water bowl or your DIY dog treats at home.

*WARNING curcumin will stain fabrics & porous surfaces

Protect Move Think Calm
Small/Medium Breeds
Up to 60 lbs
5cc 2.5cc 1.25cc 1-5 Sprays
Large/X-Large Breeds
Over 60 lbs
7.5cc 3.5cc 1.75cc 4-8 Sprays
* "cc" scoop included with purchase

Cautions: Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven. If animal’s condition worsens or does not improve, stop product administration and consult your veterinarian.

Customer Reviews (3)

Helps My Anxious Dog

Posted by Victoria on Feb 20th 2024
My dog Lucky has bad anxiety in general and separation anxiety, and this stuff works! I love that I can give him something natural rather than medications for anxiety. I give him around 6-7 squirts of it, and he's 75 pounds, and after 20 or so minutes, he's lying down and is visibly relaxed. I would recommend giving this Calm spray a try!


Posted by Trever on Feb 12th 2024
Calm spray has been a life save for our pack, especially with a recent injury restricting our high drive dog's mobility. With vet-imposed restrictions preventing her from moving around freely, we turned to the calm spray to help her settle down nightly. The results were remarkable, so much so that we now use it for all our dogs at bedtime. Highly recommended!

Helps With Anxiety

Posted by Ashley J on Jan 18th 2024
We use Pet MatRx for some of the dogs that come into our rescue organization (Diamond's Friends Pet Rescue) as well as our personal family pup who has anxiety. Think and Calm have helped both our rescue pups and family dog be more balanced/less anxious. Helping an anxious dog be able to navigate the world more comfortably is a huge gift, so we appreciate Pet MatRx for making this product!
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