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Dog Joint & Anti-inflammatory Supplement
Support your dog's joint health and mobility with Move, an all-natural joint supplement for dogs scientifically formulated to help discomfort, aches, or inflammation.
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Freeze-Dried Dog Food Topper | 4 oz jar

Dog Joint & Anti-inflammatory Supplement

Move Dog Food Topper was formulated by a biochemist to support dogs that are experiencing discomfort, aches, or inflammatory challenges. It can also be given as a preventive measure before pain is visibly noticeable.

This oil-free, CBD-free supplement delivers natural active ingredients through our revolutionary Cell Matrix Delivery™ method to promote relief from discomfort so dogs can move with greater ease, regardless of their age or health status. There are zero fillers or empty calories. Every ingredient is targeted to support healthy movement.

Nutritional Benefits:

  • Addresses inflammation, which contributes to discomfort and pressure
  • Includes efficient antioxidants to support the immune system against existing or potential stressors
  • Charges cells with the power and ability to overcome cellular damage or abnormal cell growth
  • Supports a quality state of body comfort

The Difference Is in the Delivery

Some of the most beneficial ingredients used in pet supplements are difficult for dogs to digest. Pet Matrx food toppers use advanced science to bypass the dog’s digestive process, so healthy ingredients can be delivered directly to your dog’s cells that need support to move with ease and more freely.

Certified Organic Phytocompounds


Curcumin, GSH, Quercetin, EGCG, Agmantine Sulfate, Bovine Collagen


Active compound found in turmeric that is known to help decrease oxidative stress, decrease inflammation, support the metabolism, improve digestion, fight against damaged or unhealthy cell growth, and boost brain power.


GSH is known as the master of antioxidants, and it protects the powerhouse of the cell while reducing the amount of damage done to cells.


This super flavonoid is known for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antihistamine properties, due to its ability to help reduce inflammation and allergy response when dogs are exposed to allergens through the environment or what they consume.


This active compound found in green tea helps protect the cells against cellular damage and cellular death, as well as boosts protection of the nervous system.

Agmatine Sulfate

This amino acid is known to help manage body discomfort and nerve pain, with an ability to also help with improving physical movement performance.

Bovine Collagen

Collagen peptides help to support the connective tissue throughout the body, allowing them to remain or become more elastic for more fluid movement.

Active Ingredients: per 1/4 tsp
Curcumin CMD™ 20mg
GSH CMD™ 10mg
Quercetin CMD™ 10mg
EGCG CMD™ 20mg
Agmatine Sulfate 10mg
Chamomile 1.5g
Grass Fed Bovine Collagen 1,2,3 1g
Inactive Ingredients None

*CMD™ (Cell Matrix Delivery) indicates our proprietary delivery method was applied to achieve maximum ingredient absorption.

Feeding Instructions

Give orally, on food once daily or as directed by your veterinarian. Can also be added to your dog’s water bowl or your DIY dog treats at home.

*WARNING curcumin will stain fabrics & porous surfaces

Protect Move Think Calm
Small/Medium Breeds
Up to 60 lbs
5cc 2.5cc 1.25cc 1-5 Sprays
Large/X-Large Breeds
Over 60 lbs
7.5cc 3.5cc 1.75cc 4-8 Sprays
* "cc" scoop included with purchase

Cautions: Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven. If animal’s condition worsens or does not improve, stop product administration and consult your veterinarian.

Customer Reviews (9)


Posted by Straight Up Dog Talk Podcast on Feb 22nd 2024
My senior dog went from not jumping up on the couch or bed to being able to jump up on his own again! As dogs age, this is such a common sign, but seeing him jump and run again has made my heart burst with joy!


Posted by michelle fountain on Feb 21st 2024
I have started using Move on all of my three dogs in the last month. My oldest dog Mocha is also a three legged dog. She is missing her left rear leg. We adopted her this way. They said she was hit by a car in Tehran Iran where she originally came from & they did some other type of surgery on her other hip so that it is almost like it free floats in the socket. She gets sore on some of our long walks but since we have been giving her Move she has been more energetic without stopping as much to rest. Our other dogs seem to be doing great on it too. None of them have had any pain incidents that I can tell since using the Move in their food.


Posted by Trever on Feb 12th 2024
We are thrilled with the results we've seen from using Pet Matrx Move! Our dog had a broken foot with an eight-week healing prognosis, but with the Move supplement, she showed excellent progress. By the five-week mark, follow-up x-rays revealed impressive calcification, prompting our vet to lift her restrictions at the six-week mark. Thank you, Pet Matrx

Amazing post bi-lateral TPLO surgery

Posted by Alyssa Dersahagian on Jan 22nd 2024
Our dog has bi-lateral TPLO surgery and we wanted to do everything we could to support her during her recovery. We implemented Move before and after her surgery and I know it had a huge effect on her successful healing by reducing her inflammation and any pain she was experiencing. Her surgeon and physical therapy team were blown away at how quickly she recovered. She's now 5 months post operation and back to normal. She's hiking, chasing the ball and playing with her fur friends. We will keep Move in her diet for life to support body and limit any pain or inflammation she might experience.

Review on Move!

Posted by Ivette on Jan 22nd 2024
My sweet ol' pittie is getting a little slower, but she was coming back to her old self with the help of Move! She can move and take long walks without, stopping and wanting to lay down!

Has Helped My Arthritic Pup!

Posted by Ashley J on Jan 18th 2024
We use Pet MatRx's Move for our family dog Elsie, who suffers from arthritis and horrible hips. It has helped her to be more mobile (she jumps up on my bed much more easily since we started using it). She gobbles it up on top of her food each morning with no fuss. I'd highly recommend it!

my 14 year old dog is acting like a puppy

Posted by Dana on Jan 4th 2024
My 14 year old Boston Terrier has IVDD and a herniated disc. I've been treating him and keeping him comfortable with PEMF technology, and while it took away his pain and paralysis, he still wasn't able to be active beyond a quick walk down the block. After two weeks on Move, he started acting like a puppy again- leaping up stairs, running around and playing, jumping in the car and on the couch- things I haven't seen him do in over a year since his injury. It's absolutely amazing. Move made all the difference. He also was struggling with arthritis and I was witnessing excess panting and shaking from pain. After Move, it completely disappeared.

Grateful for MOVE

Posted by Tanja on Jun 23rd 2023
I have a large 80-pound pup and we are super active, spending as much time outdoors hiking, camping, backpacking, and exploring the incredible rock formations in Joshua Tree. Knowing that I am giving him the perfect supplement to protect his joints allows us to continue adventuring! I have noticed on days where we spend longer days exploring and covering more miles that he seems a bit sore, I add a little extra of the Move to his evening meal and by the morning he is raring to go again.


Posted by Dina Taylor on Jun 22nd 2023
This product has put the pep back in both of my furbabies steps! One of my furbabies is going on 13 and the other one is 8 Years old so they aren't puppies anymore and their movement had slowed way down. I started them both on move and by the third day, they were up playing and running around outside like pups again. I can take them on hikes again without them wanting to sit down and rest every five minutes. They have started playing with each other and their toys again so that tells me that this makes them feel better and I'm very happy with that. Thank you Pet Matrix for improving their quality of life, I'm forever grateful!
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