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Immune & Gut Support Dog Food Topper
Our digestive health and immune support supplement for dogs uses a science-backed proprietary formula to optimize your dog’s overall immune health.
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Freeze-Dried Dog Food Topper | 6 oz. jar

Immune and gut support supplement 

Protect Dog Food Topper was formulated to help support dogs’ immune and gut health, comprehensively. Formulated by a biochemist, key compounds and nutrients within this formula are designed to support foundational wellness, along with supporting dogs that may be struggling with greater digestive health challenges with their stools, inflammatory gut issues, yeast overgrowth, bloating, bad breath, and more.

This oil-free, CBD-free supplement delivers natural active ingredients through our revolutionary Cell Matrix Delivery™ method to help dogs’ bodies move into a state of “rest and digest,” versus “fight or flight,” so optimal immune and digestive function can be achieved. There are zero fillers or empty calories. Every ingredient has a targeted benefit for your dog.

Nutritional Benefits:

  • Delivers targeted nutrition to ease & support the digestive system
  • Decreases gut inflammation
  • Supports the immune system
  • Promotes healthy motility and intestinal integrity
  • Builds a healthy connection between the gut and brain
  • Supports recovery from wounds and ligament or tendon injuries

The Difference Is in the Delivery

Some of the most beneficial ingredients used in pet supplements are difficult for dogs to digest. Pet Matrx food toppers use advanced science to bypass the dog’s digestive process, so healthy ingredients can be delivered directly to your dog’s cells that need support.

Certified Organic Phytocompounds


Curcumin, BPC157, KPV, Glutamine, NAG, NAC, Marshmallow Root, Bovine Collagen


Active compound found in turmeric that is known to help decrease oxidative stress, decrease inflammation, support the metabolism, improve digestion, fight unhealthy cell growth, and boost brain power.


A unique peptide that helps activate tissue repair within the body and helps stimulate the body’s own growth factors, while decreasing inflammation.


A naturally occurring peptide rich in antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. KPV has the great ability to kill yeast overgrowth challenges like candida albicans.


An amino acid that directly supports the gut by creating balance of the gut microbiome, increases integrity of the intestinal lining, and decreases inflammatory responses from potential inflammatory situations the gut interfaces through stressors.


NAG is known to help decrease inflammation in the gut, decrease stomach bloating, and reduce constipation within stools.


An amino acid that can be produced by the body and plays a key role in supporting the brain and nervous system by replenishing and making antioxidants like Glutathione. With NAC’s ability to make and replenish this antioxidant, it helps prevent cellular damage, decrease inflammation, and decrease oxidative stress.

Marshmallow Root

This unique plant offers antimicrobial benefits as it also creates its own mucilage that supports the lining of the esophagus and stomach, aiding in digestive challenges for dogs. The mucilage it creates helps support the lining of the gut, decreasing inflammation and loosening mucus.

Bovine Collagen

All three types of collagen are rich in glycine, which helps to support the tissue lining of the gut, reducing inflammation.

Active Ingredients: per 1/2 tsp

BPC-157 CMD™ 1.1mg
Curcumin CMD™ 20mg
KPV CMD™ 500mcg
Glutamine 333mg
Bovine Collagen Powder 1,2,3 833mg
NAC CMD™ 10mg
NAG 100mg
Marshmallow 350mg
Inactive Ingredients None

*CMD™ (Cell Matrix Delivery) indicates our proprietary delivery method was applied to achieve maximum ingredient absorption.

Feeding Instructions

Give orally, on food once daily or as directed by your veterinarian. Can also be added to your dog’s water bowl or your DIY dog treats at home.

*WARNING curcumin will stain fabrics & porous surfaces

Protect Move Think Calm
Small/Medium Breeds
Up to 60 lbs
5cc 2.5cc 1.25cc 1-5 Sprays
Large/X-Large Breeds
Over 60 lbs
7.5cc 3.5cc 1.75cc 4-8 Sprays
* "cc" scoop included with purchase

Cautions: Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven. If animal’s condition worsens or does not improve, stop product administration and consult your veterinarian.

Customer Reviews (12)

Love the pup peptides

Posted by Rebecca on May 5th 2024
I can’t say enough great things about this company and their products. I found them on a search for peptides for my aging pup. I’m a big believer peptides for humans and was ecstatic to find a product with BPC-157. No episodes of diarrhea since using this product. Already ordered Move and eager to try Think too. Customer service is also top notch. Big fan of Pet Matrx here!

No Flare Ups!

Posted by Straight Up Dog Talk Podcast on Feb 22nd 2024
My senior dog has had pancreatitis flare-ups for about 3 years now. Since we started using Protect Daily he has not had a single flare-up in 4 months! Not having to wonder when the next one is coming has been such a relief and seeing him enjoy life and food again has been AMAZING! This stuff works, PERIOD!

Gut Health

Posted by Chloe on Feb 22nd 2024
When I say this is the only thing that has helped my rescue's gut, I mean it! I have had shelter pups my whole life but when I finally decided to adopt one of my own on my own, I was in for a journey. I rescued a year-old terrier mix with gut imbalance due to anxiety. Never have I ever had a dog that refused food, had anxiety around eating by himself, and preferred to graze instead of eating his portions all at once. I was seriously worried I would never be able to find something that would help. Talk about the worst dog mom guilt ever. After changing up his food a few times I decided it was finally time to introduce a supplement, something I have never had to use before. Protect by PetMatrx seriously changed the game. He was more interested in eating his meals at once, had easier bowel movements, and had less anxiety when it came to feeding/eating. Protect supplement on his kibble and a spray of CALM in the morning has made my whole family's lives easier. Thank you so much for taking the time to educate your buyers and putting out products that aren't bogus and actually do what they are meant to!


Posted by michelle on Feb 21st 2024
My dog Mocha had diarrhea for over 3 months. She was finally diagnosed with Inflammatory bowel disease. I ran into Tannisha & her brother at my pet store Furly's & they told me all about their supplement Protect. I started using it that day along with the medications that the internist had me giving her. Her bloodwork was all over the place & after a week & a half of using it, her bloodwork leveled out to normal. I would recommend this product a million times over & I know my internal medicine doctor knows it helped her too. We will continue using this product for all of our dogs.

Protect Review

Posted by Kharla G on Feb 9th 2024
Feeling super grateful for Pet Matrx in our lives! After just 2 months of using Protect, we've seen such a positive change. Our fur babies are thriving with improved overall health, decreased gut inflammation, and way less congestion. Their stools have never been better! It's amazing how big of an impact this has made on their wellbeing. So happy to have found something that works wonders for them!

Can't Recommend Enough!

Posted by Alyssa Dersahagian on Jan 22nd 2024
Protect has been a life saver for our pup. When we adopted her, we dealt with extreme stomach issues for roughly the first 8 months. It was exhausting and all the vet visits were costing us a ton of money. We learned out Protect and gave it a try. We went from horrible bowel movements every 2 hours, to steady and normal within one month. We are forever grateful for this product and the improvement it's made in both the pawrents and our pups life.


Posted by Ivette on Jan 22nd 2024
Used this for both of my dogs. But really saw a difference with the older of the two. She has stomach issues with lots of treats or foods, so we were happy to see how good her stool was while taking Protect! And they both loved it!

Helps Balance My Pup's Tummy

Posted by Ashley J on Jan 18th 2024
We use Pet MatRx for our pup, Elsie. It's not uncommon for Elsie to have an upset tummy, but we've noticed her gut health has been much more stable since putting her on Protect. Her poops are more solid and she tries to eat less grass when she's on it. It's been super helpful in ensuring her tummy is as happy as it can be!


Posted by John on Dec 11th 2023
Im glad I found this product as well as the others petmatrx sells. My dog is going to be 18 soon and the 3 products I’ve used have all helped him. I’m very much into holistic only so my dog can continue to live a long-er comfortable life. I would love it if they formulated a product using Epitalon peptide also for pets to extend their telomeres. Along with with a species appropriate diet, would surely extend their life

Believe the Science

Posted by Melissa on Jun 27th 2023
I replaced my dogs' probiotics with Protect a few months ago after I read about the biological research that went into developing the product. I especially like that there are only a few ingredients without any inactive ingredients or fillers. Also, the powder formulation is helpful for my one picky eater, as I can just mix it into his food instead of dealing with a chewable or pill. Perfect poops and no tummy issues makes me a happy mama!

Protect is AMAZING!!

Posted by Tanja on Jun 23rd 2023
We have a very sweet Pitty named Olive who came from a litter of 11 pups. Olive is very fair and has no hair on her belly and chest, which sems to make her prone to sensitivities … or maybe it’s just that we can see all her sensitivities manifest because there is no fur covering half her body. If I were to guess, I bet most pups out there have sensitivities. Seriously, think about it, our dogs sniff everything on the ground, who knows what type of chemical’s they are encountering. We would be HORRIFIED if we knew. Since we have started our pups on Protect, she has had almost no skin issues and the redness that she was plagued with has gone away. Our other pup has always been prone to loose stools, but since starting him on Protect, we are SOLID! So grateful to witness how this product has helped my pups, and the peace of mind to know they are protected against the toxic elements they come in contact with.


Posted by Dina Taylor on Jun 21st 2023
I have 2 older furbabies, 8 and 12 and both of them were keeping a tore up stomach all the time before pet matrix came along and was always having accidents on the floor. Since my furbabies have been taking Protect, their bowel movements have regulated and NO more surprise messes on the floor. I'm one happy momma!
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