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Dog Food Toppers for Joint, Cognitive, & Immune Health
Support your dog with a trio (one of each) of our natural dog supplements that promote joint, calming, and immune health for your dog.
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Freeze-Dried Dog Food Topper Trio 

1 PROTECT Immune & Gut Support Dog Food Topper
1 THINK Cognitive & Calming Supplement for Dogs
1 MOVE Dog Joint & Anti-inflammatory Supplement


Freeze-Dried Dog Food Topper | 6 oz jar

Formulated to support dogs with foundational digestion building blocks or that are struggling with their bowel movements, digestion, bloated bellies, inflammatory challenges, yeast overgrowth, or immune challenges.

Nutritional Benefits:

  • Delivers targeted nutrition to ease the digestive system
  • Decreases gut inflammation
  • Supports the immune system
  • Promotes healthy motility and intestinal integrity
  • Builds a healthy connection between the gut and brain
  • Supports recovery from wounds and ligament or tendon injuries


Freeze-Dried Dog Food Topper | 4 oz jar

Made for dogs who may be experiencing stress in their nervous system or may have challenges in their behavior and environments.

Nutritional Benefits:

  • Promotes calmness when faced with stress or angst
  • Decompresses the nervous system for internal peace
  • Increases mental clarity without causing lethargy
  • Promotes proper neurotransmitter signaling for greater attention and less mood disturbance
  • Encourages a “rest and digest” rather than “fight or flight” reaction


Freeze-Dried Dog Food Topper | 4 oz jar

Formulated to support dogs that are experiencing discomfort, aches, or inflammatory challenges. Can also be given as a preventive measure before pain is visibly noticeable.

Nutritional Benefits:

  • Promotes relief from discomfort so dogs can move with greater ease
  • Addresses inflammation, which contributes to pain, discomfort, and pressure
  • Includes efficient antioxidants to support the immune system against existing or potential stressors
  • Charges cells with the power and ability to overcome cellular damage or abnormal cell growth
  • Supports a quality state of body comfort

The Difference Is in the Delivery

Some of the most beneficial ingredients used in pet supplements are difficult for dogs to digest. Pet Matrx food toppers use advanced science to bypass the dog’s digestive process, so healthy ingredients can be delivered directly to your dog’s cells that need support.

Certified Organic Phytocompounds



Dog Food Topper
Curcumin, BPC157, KPV, Glutamine, NAG, NAC, Marshmallow Root, Bovine Collagen


Dog Food Topper
L-Theanine, Magnesium Citrate, Thiamine, Magnolia Bark, GABA, Chamomile, Bovine Collagen


Dog Food Topper
Curcumin, GSH, Quercetin, EGCG, Agmantine Sulfate, Bovine Collagen

Feeding Instructions

Give orally, on food once daily or as directed by your veterinarian. Can also be added to your dog’s water bowl or your DIY dog treats at home.

*WARNING curcumin will stain fabrics & porous surfaces

Protect Move Think Calm
Small/Medium Breeds
Up to 60 lbs
5cc 2.5cc 1.25cc 1-5 Sprays
Large/X-Large Breeds
Over 60 lbs
7.5cc 3.5cc 1.75cc 4-8 Sprays
* "cc" scoop included with purchase

Cautions: Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven. If animal’s condition worsens or does not improve, stop product administration and consult your veterinarian.

Customer Reviews (13)


Posted by Leza Labrador on Jun 17th 2024
I rarely give anything to my dog that I wouldn’t use myself, so I decided to try PetMatRX alongside my fur daughter. As someone who has suffered from IBS for over 20 years, I am amazed by the results. Since I started taking PetMatRX, my symptoms have significantly reduced, making a noticeable difference in my daily life. I am no longer bloated and have significantly more energy. The impact on my fur daughter has been equally impressive. Her stools are more consistent, she's sleeping through the night, and her energy levels have skyrocketed. It's incredible to see such positive changes in her health and behavior. Additionally, her tummy seems to be healing, which is wonderful to see. We invested in the THRIVE Trio and Calm for full preventative care. I am so impressed with these incredible remedies that I have now put my husband on them as well. I understand that these are not designed for humans, but the results have been so outstanding compared to products marketed for people that I will continue to keep my entire family on PetMatRX, regardless of whether we have two or four legs. I can't wait to see how PetMatRX continues to benefit her the longer she's on it. This product has truly been a game-changer for my family!

Thrive Pack

Posted by Beltz on May 3rd 2024
100% impressed by this product ! My 12 year old working K9 had developed a slight limp and after being on the Thrive Pack for 2 weeks wasn't even noticable anymore ! Can't say enough good things about this !! Worked so well on my K9 decided to try it myself and can say Knee , Ankle and Shoulder no longer keep me awake at night .

The Pack is Where it's AT

Posted by Straight Up Dog Talk Podcast on Feb 22nd 2024
Why not cover all the bases? If you can give your pet the ADVANTAGE of health benefits in all areas what is stopping you from doing it? I have seen a difference in both my senior pup and 6-year-old pup. It's worth every cent to see them THRIVE!

Amazing Thriving product!!

Posted by Michelle Fountain on Feb 21st 2024
We have been using these products for about two months now & our entire pack of 3 dogs are doing wonderfully on them. My internal medicine doctor was very open to me adding these to the regiment with one of my dogs that has IBD & I think she is a true believer in these supplements since she has seen great results over the last two months with our dog. She called it an amazing turn around in a dog that was diagnosed with IBD in December 2023.


Posted by Trever on Feb 12th 2024
I'm incredibly impressed with the results we've experienced after using the Thrive supplements for our Belgian Malinois. Following a recent litter, we faced challenges in restoring our females lost weight to optimal levels despite doubling her food intake and supplementing high calorie DYNE. However, after incorporating the three supplements included in Thrive Move-Think-protect we noticed significant progress in her weight gain after just days. By the second week she had regained her normal pre-pregnancy weight and was ready to resume her work. These products exceeded my expectations!

Was Skeptical but PROVEN WRONG!

Posted by Josh Cearbaugh on Jan 31st 2024
I'm always skeptical about believing in something that sounds like the latest snake oil, which I honestly put these products... until I tried them. My dog has had a handful of issues with her skin and health. Shockingly, after just a few days of integrating THRIVE into her food, I noticed a complete turnaround! My wife commented our dog was acting like a puppy again; her coat became noticeably softer, and she seems "happier" overall. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT TO ANYONE WHO CARES ABOUT THEIR DOG!


Posted by Alyssa Dersahagian on Jan 22nd 2024
Our rescue dog came to us from a high stress situation, with severe stomach issues and poor muscle strength. We were lucky enough to meet the Pet Matrx team at a dog event and have never looked back. Protect helped her stomach tremendously, Move helped in her bi-lateral TPLO recovery and Think assisted in her transition from the high stress shelter to her new home. I believe in these products 100% and will be a customer for life.

Yeast and skin allergies gone

Posted by Heather on Jun 27th 2023
Our 5 year old Chihuahua Pug Cody has has had severe skin, GI and yeast issues. He was on every antibiotic, hills science diet ZD as well as cytopoint shots. I had him allergy tested, his ears cleaned by the vet regularly, he had so much ear wax build up from the yeast. and medicated baths once a week for itching. I found Pet Matrx last year and with this thrive combo and fresh food. He no longer has skin issues, ears are clear and he doesn't lick and itch like crazy anymore. I also know this works because when I went out of town and my husband didn't give it to him. I came back and his skin was inflamed. He is also less barky now towards new people and just generally happier. I have saved so much money as well.

Move review

Posted by Brenda Middleton on Jun 26th 2023
We started our 17 year old dachshund on the Move. He has issues with building disks, Lyme disease which makes moving, walking and running hard for him. The second day on Move he ran across our whole yard so many times we lost count. We were so surprised. He hasn’t done that In many years. He isn’t as wobbly and doesn’t fall over while walking like he used too and ball time he is running more. This is a great product and I highly recommend it. I can’t wait to try the other products for my 9 year old dachshund. Thank you Petmatrix


Posted by Brianna Lloyd on Jun 23rd 2023
When my Nova girl was preparing to become a mama for the first time I was on the search for a supplement that was the cleanest of clean and something she would actually absorb. We soon began adding PetMatRX into her diet and noticed so many good changes. Her red, scabbed over ears were healing within just a few days,her bowel movements were regular and NORMAL,her appetite improved,her coat was less oily and the best of all was NO MORE SMELLY EARS AND BREATH! I knew her gut health was finally on the right track. Then she became a mama...the vet was so proud of her pregnancy and the development of each pup. He said her organs all looked wonderful. He complimented us on her energy levels while being pregnant and said what we were doing was working. A few short months later she delivered 8 beautiful chunky and healthy pups all on her own without problems. Her milk supply was more than enough. The bounce back was even more amazing. I am 100% confident PetMatRX provided all the bone,gut and mentle support she needed during that time and continues to support her. I'm thankful she is no longer itching or licking her wars and paws to the point she has sore paws and bleeding ears. I could ramble forever but I think you get the point ?

Thrive pack

Posted by Dina Taylor on Jun 22nd 2023
These products are amazing!! My pack is thriving thanks to Pet Matrix! I'm one very happy fur momma!

Thrive Pack Review

Posted by Denise on Jun 21st 2023
Our puppy Buster has been using the Thrive pack since we got him at 10 weeks! I wouldn't trust any other supplement to support his growing needs. As a jumbo breed, Newfoundland, I needed to assure he was getting the proper bone/ligament support and gut health. He is thriving at 8 months and 100+ lbs and growing. I am so thankful to the Pet Matrx family for their devotion to pets.

Great products Great customer service

Posted by CHERYL on Apr 14th 2023
Our dog Kimber has had skin & yeast issues for several months. After doing a 60 day "yeast free" protocol, we transitioned her to the Thrive combo. She's been on it now for 2.5 months and we are continuing to see improvement with her skin (less licking of her paws). Will is very responsive to questions & concerns; has sincere concerns for the wellness of our dogs.
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